Washington Water Management, Engineering, and Testing

Northwest Water Systems is an industry leader, providing sampling, billing, cross-connection control, engineering, planning and other vital services to residents across the state of Washington and into Oregon. We are proud of our longstanding position as water management professionals, and take the utmost pride in establishing long lasting relationships with our clients.

Straying from the “we talk, you listen” model, we work with our clients to ensure they can retain as much control and involvement with their systems as desired, while maintaining the opportunity to utilize our professional expertise at the same time. Such a method of business involves providing timely information, and being as transparent as possible when it comes to explaining our actions, service fees and more. The result? Safe, reliable and organized water system management for everyone to enjoy.

NWS offers the following Water Management Services:

Of course, there are many who say they can “manage” your water. But there are few who do it with the care and concern that we do – and there are even less who can offer the unique features that we can provide on a daily basis.

Why Washington Resident Work With Northwest Water Systems:

  • Communication – Annual update meetings are held with Group A water system clients to clearly outline their investments, while explaining the reasons for our services, and detailing which regulations have changed, or are soon changing.
  • Response – Over 20 available phone lines provide us with the ability to contact an entire water system in a matter of minutes, allowing us to communicate water outages and repair information to all system users.
  • Reliability – Knowledgeable agents permanently stationed in every city where NWS services are offered provide the security of knowing that one of our professionals can make it out to your site quickly and easily.

We practice excellence through commitment in everything we do. Problems are inevitable, but avoiding them is our primary goal, and dealing with them through proper communication is just one more way NWS stands apart from the rest. Contact us today to start your water management project!